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Shame and self criticism

Most people live with a version of the "I'm not good enough" story. For some people these stories can feel quite crushing and are made worse by relentless self-criticism. My approach has a strong focus on enhancing self-compassion and lifting shame, using evidence-based compassion-focused therapies.



The impact of trauma can have a profound and debilitating impact on an individual's life. Whether we experience chronic trauma or discrete traumatic events, the consequences can be far-reaching and extremely distressing. I am trained in specialist trauma-focused approaches, including EMDR and trauma-focused CBT. 



When you are in the grip of low mood and depression, life often feels bleak and hopeless. We lose motivation. We then tend to get into a pattern of behaving and self-criticising which perpetuates the problem. A compassion-focused behavioural approach can provide motivation to reconnect with a life worth living.   


Anxiety and Stress

Symptoms of anxiety and trauma can be distressing and impact life at work, home and socially.  I have worked in specialist services for anxiety and trauma and can support you to make sense of your symptoms and lead a fuller and more meaningful life.  

My Approach

As a senior registered psychologist, I have a particular focus on certain evidence-based therapies. These include trauma-focused approaches, such as EMDR and Trauma-focused CBT and what are known as third wave CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) approaches, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT). All of these approaches can be offered online or face-to-face and are geared towards enhancing skills and resilience to cope with distressing experience. There is a strong focus on consciously and actively moving towards a life that feels meaningful - despite painful feelings, thoughts and memories. 

About me

I am a senior registered counselling psychologist with several years of experience within specialist NHS services and in private practice. I see clients privately, either remotely, or from a consulting room at my home in Hastings. I accept insurance referrals. In my past life I was a journalist for various leading media organisations.

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It can be quite a big step to reach out for help, especially if you are anxious, ashamed, stressed or depressed. Why not give me a call to discuss ways I might be able support you moving forward? You can call me on 01273 915261.  Otherwise, email me at damien@damienpearse.co.uk or on the form below to arrange an initial assessment meeting. 








Anger Management


I came to Dr Pearse burned-out, depressed and pretty hopeless. He supported me to see a way forward and gave me techniques to manage my anxiety and insomnia

Sam T, aged 47